Alcohol Flask: Guide to Enjoying Your Drink On-the-Go

LAST UPDATED ON April 18th, 2020

It doesn’t take a lot for a man to be happy. All a man needs is his trusted liquor, some good company, and great tales to tell. And what better way to relax and enjoy your time than with some alcohol on the go? Wherever you may find yourself, sipping your favorite vodka or whiskey could add a bit of zing to the experience. To make it easier, you should always bring your best companion, the alcohol flask.

A Backstory of Alcohol Flasks

There’s an interesting history as to how alcohol flasks became popular, especially in the US. In the early 1900s, several states have already banned liquor but it wasn’t until the Prohibition Act was imposed that flasks saw a sudden boom in usage. Flasks became hidden alcohol containers to get around the law. Both men and women tucked their alcohol in their hips, boots, or purses. It gained so much popularity that the state of Indiana had to ban the sale of these flasks and cocktail shakers.

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Alcohol flasks were kind of a game changer in a way. It brought the experience one could get in pubs and bars wherever people went. Their liquor can stay hidden from the eyes of the law and they would take subtle swigs when nobody was looking. There is a bit of exhilaration in getting away with something prohibited and even today, that essence of alcohol flasks carries on. These are men’s secret alcohol containers which give them the freedom to drink whenever and wherever they please.

Here are some other bits associated with alcohol flasks that may be unknown to people. The term “hipster” was loosely based on hip flasks. It had the image of being cool like an outlaw. Bootlegging also originated from how men kept their flasks hidden in their boots.

By the time that the Prohibition Act was repealed, alcohol flasks had already become a part of American culture. Soldiers during World War II used them on the battlefield since they were portable. Their widespread usage today owes a lot to its history. And as time passed by, these hidden alcohol flasks became more accepted and has also changed to adapt to people’s varying preferences.

Sizes, Shapes, and Materials

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Alcohol flasks come in different sizes from big ones that hold 1.89 liters to ones that are small enough to take shots, having 14ml. But the most common one is the 8-ounce flask holding approximately 236ml. To find the best size for you, one useful trick is to measure the length of your hand. Start from 1cm below the tip of your middle finger and trace it down to the bottom of your hand. This is the perfect size for your flask as the size of your hand generally coincides with your body weight which determines your tolerance level.


The distinct shape of the modern alcohol flask was conceptualized in the 18th century. Since then, it has come in other shapes as well. Currently, there are three shapes in the market: the traditional kidney hip flask, the rectangular alcohol flask, and the rounded flask.

You will notice that the kidney hip flask has a curved, rectangular shape. This was the original design of alcohol flasks which is still very popular today. The objective was to conveniently conceal the flask since it was prohibited. It makes keeping the flask in your pocket easier as it matches the curve of your hip.

Rectangular alcohol flasks have also gained traction over the years. It has square-like edges and a flat body which still allows you to keep it in your pocket or your bag comfortably. Because the surface is flat, you can tuck it in nicely wherever you choose without it being bulky.

Finally, rounded flasks also exist. These could fit well in your hands as the curved shape would be perfect when you hold it. You wouldn’t strain your palm or fingers as much with the rounded flask. You can even clutch the whole thing and drink straight from it.


Lastly, there are different types of material used to make alcohol flasks. Nowadays, stainless steel flasks can be found anywhere. They are easy to clean and give a nice sheen. However, other materials are also available.

Glass had been the first flasks out in the market. But they were fragile and for the purposes of keeping in tight spaces, glass posed the risk of breaking. So, pewter came out as an alternative. Despite being able to maintain alcohol’s temperature, people realized that pewter affected the flavor and aroma of the alcohol.

They had to look for a different material that was durable and preserved the alcohol’s fragrance and taste. And that’s how stainless steel became the popular material used today. Another possible material is sterling silver. But those were quite expensive and not all are able to afford it.

List of Unique Alcohol Flasks to Buy

The size, shape, and material are not the only aspects of alcohol flasks that changed through time. Through innovation and creativity, flasks took on various designs and styles to fit the modern man’s tastes and preferences. Here are some cool flasks you might enjoy:

Jack Daniels flask set

This set comes with a 7-ounce stainless steel flask with the Jack Daniels logo engraved on the front. It also includes two stainless steel shot cups so you can share some with a friend. There is also a funnel for when you need to refill your flask. This would be a great gift for your guy friends or colleagues.

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Jack Daniel’s Hip Flask Gift Set
(Licensed Barware)

$35 | Amazon

Engraved flask sets

Apart from the Jack Daniels logo, there are other engravings that you can choose from. If you are a fan of the outdoors or hunting, you may want to have a cobblestone-design or a bear-design engraved on your flask for a manly look. It also comes with a dependable funnel.

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Engraved 6 oz. Pocket-Size Flask (Cobblestones Pattern)

$21 | Amazon

Leather flask

Add some protection to your flask to avoid scratches or dents. The leather bound flask is a great design that would ensure long-lasting durability of your flask and easily channels a classic look to for a hidden alcohol container. 

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Stainless Steel Alcohol Flask with American Flag Leather Cover

$9 | Amazon

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