24 Best Whiskey Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

LAST UPDATED ON April 18th, 2020

Whiskey is at the pinnacle of spirits. Though some may not like the taste, whiskey lovers know that what makes it great is the experience. Fellow whiskey connoisseurs would appreciate to receive some whiskey gifts for their birthday or other special occasion. Here are some suggestions for some great gift ideas that your whiskey friends would surely enjoy.

1. Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

We cannot overstate how cool whiskey stones are. They’re designed not to dilute the whiskey but one can enjoy it in a chilled state and for a sustained period of time. Give these to your friends and let the stones enhance their whiskey experience (find out how to use whiskey stones).

2. Dice-Shaped Whiskey Stones

Another thing we like about whiskey stones is that you can design it any way you want. You can customize their shape or their look depending on your personal preference. Here are some stylish stones carved into dice, they come in either a gold or silver finish.

3. Hip Flask

Being on the go, there might hardly be any moments when they are free to stop by and chill at their favorite pub. So when they are out and about doing their business or taking a leisurely trip in the wild, it would always be nice to have something to help relax and clear the mind.

The most convenient way of bringing some liquor is through a cool hip flask. Hip flYour friends can fill it up with some vodka, gin, whiskey or whatever they like. It’s very sleek and can easily be kept in the coat or hip pocket.

4. Unique Flask with Collapsible Shot Glass

Some flasks have their own quirks. This is one of those designs with an added bonus. On the side of the alcohol flask, there’s a handy collapsible shot glass included. If your guy doesn’t want to directly drink from the mouth of the flask, he doesn’t have to. He can simply pour himself a glass.

5. Jack Daniel’s Flask

Various whiskey brands exist in the market and each has its own unique taste and experience. If you know someone who loves to down one of the most potent whiskeys out there, then giving them a flask with the Jack Daniels logo on the side would be an awesome whiskey gift (check out this list of unique flasks).

6. Stylish Whiskey Glasses

Any whiskey lover would need glasses of course, it’s a staple in their collection. But having the typical glasses might be a bit boring. Here are some cool and modern-looking glasses that would make any aficionado froth in the mouth just to have their very own.

7. Badass Skull-Shaped Whiskey Glasses

In history, there have been many anecdotes of warriors drinking from the skulls of their enemies which seems like an epic way to cap off their battles and to celebrate their victory. And it’s just super badass to drink from a skull. Such things no longer happen nowadays. However, why not give this awesome gift so they can feel badass while drinking their whiskey on a skull-shaped glass?

8. Premium Design Hand-Blown Rocks Glasses

Now, whiskey lovers want to preserve the taste and aroma of their favorite spirit but it is difficult to find the right balance. These hand-blown glasses can enhance the liquor due to the shape of the glass. It’s also thinner and easily help balance the glass in your hand.

9. Bulletproof Whiskey Glass

Check out this unique and creative whiskey glass with bullet. Yes, you see it right – it’s a real bullet. But no, there are no traces of gunpowder so you can rest assured that this is completely safe.

10. Whiskey Decanter

Here is another great whiskey gift idea. Often in TV shows and movies, we see some classy men pouring their whiskey from a cool-looking whiskey decanter. Our decanters always feature a crystal clear finish and an edgy shape – gift one to your whiskey lover friend or relative.

11. Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

You can purchase a whiskey decanter and some glasses separately but that might cost you more than it would if you avail a set. This set includes one decanter with six rocks glasses each bearing the same design and mold of the glass.

12. Skull-Shaped Whiskey Decanter

Not only do we have a skull-shaped whiskey glass but we also offer a whiskey decanter in the same design. So why not get one to match the whiskey glass? This is also available in a set so you can save some money as opposed to buying them separately.

13. Cocktail Shaker

Some of your whiskey loving friends might want to dive into mixology and bartending, so it would be a great idea to buy them a cocktail shaker. This cocktail shaker, along with other bartender tools, would make a great whiskey gift especially if they want to try making some great whiskey cocktails. At the end of the day, one can never have too much liquor.

14. Bartender Tools

Apart from the cocktail shaker, they would need tools like mixing spoons, stirrers, and muddlers. This would be a great gift, not just for whiskey lovers, but also for your friends who have their own man caves especially ones with a wet bar. There are several bartender kits depending on the tools that you want to include in the set: a 10-piece, 13-piece, or 17-piece set. This is one of the best man cave gifts you can also give to your guy friends, family, or co-workers.

15. Whiskey Cocktails Book

Another great whiskey gift to complete the ensemble is a whiskey cocktails book. With this, your whiskey loving friends can have fun mixing and stirring to make great cocktails. They might even find inspiration to develop their own recipes.

16. Creative Whiskey Bottle Holder

Let your friends display their most prized whiskey possession by giving them a bottle holder as a whiskey gift. For every interest or hobby that they might like apart from whiskey, you can find a bottle holder with a design inspired from them. Do they like music? Find a vintage sax-inspired and violin-inspired bottle holders. There are also some witty bottle holders like this one inspired by Tower of Pisa.

17. Bulletproof Shot Glass

Aside from the whiskey glass, we also have shot glasses with a bullet embedded on its side. It literally gives a whole new dimension to the phrase “taking a shot”. Puns aside, it not only looks cool but it also gives the feeling of being cool just drinking from it.

18. Stormtrooper Whiskey Decanter

For big Star Wars fans, we have something for them too. From the different designs we have for whiskey decanters, there is also a stormtrooper inspired one. Even if your friend weren’t a fan of the sci-fi space epic, this would still be great to have in their collection as a whiskey lover.

19. Vintage Bar Signs

Whiskey lovers out there who also have a home bar would greatly appreciate a vintage bar sign as a gift. It ticks both of their boxes. It works well as a décor for their bar and it expresses their love for whiskey. 

20. Wax-Dipped Whiskey Glasses

These whiskey glasses have been fashioned with wax covering the bottom and sides. This adds protection for the glass and a little bit of style as well.

21. Whiskey Barrel

Another way of pouring a glass of whiskey is to get it straight from the barrel. You may get a personalized one where you imprint it with the initials of your friend or whoever will receive the gift. It also provides an easier way with a spout to fill your glass so that it avoids spillage.

22. Steel Balls to Chill Your Whiskey

Whiskey stones look cool but having steel balls may be even cooler, in more ways than one. The spherical shape also fits well with the round contours of the glass which gives it aesthetic appeal.

23. Oak Infusion Spiral

Placing an infusion spiral in the decanter could improve the taste and experience by giving it an aromatic essence. Just as wine ages and improves with the type of material it is stored in, this infusion spiral can help enhance the fragrance and flavor of whiskey.

24. Aromatic Bitters

To further elevate the experience of your whiskey loving friends, you can give them these aromatic bitters. Directly mixing some bitter extracts from herbs will add another layer of complexity to the taste of whiskey. This would be great to incorporate in whiskey cocktails so to balance the flavors or strengthen the aroma of the drink.

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