How to Create a Cool Garage Man Cave


The garage is a safe refuge that guys have at home. Turning it into a garage man cave may just be the upgrade you need. Transform it from a dingy, storage space into a place where you can escape into your own world, just a few feet away from your living room.

A man cave garage is a great way for motorheads, both car and bike enthusiasts alike, to display their collection as well as work on them from time to time. But creating this man cave can be tough and costly. So, we’ve made an awesome checklist on how to transform your garage into a perfect place to relax by yourself or with friends.

simple garage man cave ideas

Step 1: Start with a blank slate

Clear out the garage. You don’t want junk getting in the way of building your dream refuge and personal showroom. Transfer all the items to your attic or sell off the ones you no longer need. Make sure to dust off the cobwebs before you get started.

Step 2: Keep warm with insulation

Before you start designing the aesthetics of your space, you need to make sure that it would be resistant to the changing seasons. Insulating your floors, walls, doors, and windows would keep you warm during cold winter while keeping the summer heat away. This would also help to keep your cars in good condition.

Step 3: Check the wiring and outlets

Modern man caves need TVs and entertainment systems so knowing where your outlets are would give you leeway to plan the layout. You may need to ask an electrician to rewire if you will add sockets or if you want to transfer existing ones based on your layout.

garage man cave ideas on a budget

Step 4: Revamp your floors and walls

Apart from insulating them, your floors and walls need a complete overhaul. Cover the cement floors with wooden floorboards. For something cheaper, a carpet or reclaimed wood will be a good alternative.

For something sturdier, use oriented strand boards or concrete slab. Furthermore, you have the option of placing tiles for an assortment of design choices, giving a modern look to your space, and it doesn’t easily get damaged when spilled on.

Next, splash some color on the walls. Stick a nice wall decal, or simply paint over them and let your man cave décor speak for themselves. Tiles are also a good option. If you’re a little tight on budget, a brick overlay for your entire wall is also a winner.

man cave garage

Step 5: Add some lit lights

You need some cool lights to set the atmosphere of your soon-to-be awesome garage man cave. Depending on the style you are going for, you can choose from staple lighting choices. Pendant lights look great for an industrial interior and will easily showcase each car in your collection. Go for recessed lights if you’re rooting for a modern design. They are perfect for a spacious garage and create a very sleek look.

man cave lights

Light strips, wall lights, and track lights can also add accents or color to certain areas of your man cave. Add some spotlights for your prized cars on platforms. Put in some lamps that you can use during poker nights and beer sessions.

Step 6: Leave space for a bar and fridge

You probably would use a great amount of space for your cars and bikes but save some for a bar. Having a man cave bar provides convenience for long hours of staying cooped up and having the space all to yourself. You don’t need to go back into the house for refreshments because all your needs are available within an arm’s reach inside your space.

man cave bar

Here are a few suggestions for some cool bar accessories. First, you need some durable but comfortable seats. Metal bar stools are a great choice but you could also go for wooden swivel or bombo style stools. Don’t forget the glassware: shot glasses, jiggers, highballs, Collins, and shooters are must-haves. Have a keg or a dispenser for your beer. Throw in a bartender kit to complete the ensemble.

Step 7: Time for the fun stuff

One of the fun parts in creating your garage man cave is getting some great furniture and appliances. Functional but stylish, comfortable yet manly, that’s what you should aim for. Bar stools, recliners, and couches are man cave must-haves. Add a coffee table or a gaming table where you can gather around with your friends. Maybe some shelves or a display case for your books, action figures, collections, and other memorabilia.

Along with these, install some big screen LED TVs for sports or movie nights. For those who don’t worry about busting their budget, why not add a smart hub and connect your entertainment system, gaming consoles, and other appliances?

cool garage man cave

Step 8: Go the extra mile

Consider some other accessories like wall décor, vintage license plate signs, racing flags, ramps to display your prized cars, DIY items made from your garage scrap and whatever you want in your space that shows your hobbies, interests, and personal flair.

You can also add a vehicle lift, an elevated platform for your bikes or some bunk beds for unexpected sleepovers. Trust me, there are no holds barred on what you can put in your man cave garage.

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Create Your Cool Garage Man Cave

There you have it. Use these garage man cave ideas to upgrade your garage into an ultimate man haven. For more man cave inspirations, check out this article on 17 Awesome Man Cave Ideas to Build Your Dream Refuge.

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