17 Cool Man Cave Ideas to Build Your Dream Refuge

LAST UPDATED ON September 26th, 2020

Think about your man cave as the ideal den for the modern man. It is a safe, open space where men would have the freedom to express their manliness, as well as indulge in their hobbies and interests. You may already envision how your man cave will look but don’t know where to find what you want. Try these cool man cave ideas to help you build the perfect space.

1. DIY Industrial Gas Pipe Wall Shelf

If you want a cheap man cave hack, then you can always make some DIY furniture. Easily save up and put your skills to good use with this tutorial on how to build a shelf system using recycled gas pipes and natural wood. Fully functional and makes a great conversation piece!

2. Bar Stools to Sit Back and Chill

No matter how you design your space, having a bar will make it inviting, as if you welcome the gathering of friends and have a good time to unwind with them. Include a couple of man cave metal bar stools in your custom wet bar to balance style with comfort and function.

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3. Bring Retro Back with a Vintage Countertop

Want a retro vibe in the dining area? Try a vintage countertop! It does not only add style but you can also rest assured of its quality. Solid colors, laminates, or even using reclaimed wood are simple designs ideas that will sure add a touch of class to your man cave. 

cool man cave ideas

4. Welcome Guests with a Cool Man Cave Sign

Marking one’s territory is the ultimate expression of manliness, and one great way to do that is by placing a man cave sign that declares it is a man’s zone. This man cave decor is not only an eye-catching piece but also warns everyone that no women or sissies are allowed!

5. Geek Out with a Comic Room Interior

Unleash your inner geek with a great comic book inspired design. Add posters and memorabilia of your favorite superheroes on the walls, showcase your prized collection of comic books, and display all your action figures on a nice shelf.

man cave ideas

6. Must-Have Dart Board & Pool Cue Rack

Let us have a classic staple from your time as a college guy where you were part of a frat or stayed in a guy’s dorm, playing darts and pool were the main pastimes to kick back or maybe have a little bit of competition among men.

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7. Put That Old Wine Barrel to Good Use

Get your tools out boys and build another DIY piece with a vintage but edgy look. This video will show you how to craft a used wine barrel into a great man cave table/coffee table where you can read, talk, drink with your friends, or ok lie down when your damn tipsy.

8. Portable Wine Rack for the Connoisseur

Not enough space for a wine cellar? Use a portable wine rack instead. What better way to show off your wine collection and your knowledge as a connoisseur than by displaying them for your guy friends to see.

9. Shoot for a Sports-Themed Room

Sports are an extension of a man’s desire to exhibit superiority and win against the competition. It is also the primary for entertainment for guys, whether you are in it for the action or for the analysis, men consider sports sacred. Jerseys, trophies, and memorabilia are classic sports decor. And if you want to watch Sunday sports with your friends, add in a big screen TV and lazy boys for comfort.

cool man cave ideas

10. Customized Beer Bottle Glasses

Yet another DIY item for your man cave bar. If you have empty beer bottles strewn around the house, you can transform them into unique drinking glasses with this quick tutorial.

11. Set the Atmosphere with Some Man Cave Lights

Table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lights or cooling fins, no matter which you choose, lighting can effortlessly set the mood of your space. Pick out a vintage hanging lamp or put some wall lights if you want to mix it up. Or you can also opt for simpler designs like light strips or multicolored bulbs that will make your other decor stand out.

man cave lights

12. Channel the Nightlife Vibe with Neon Signs

For a funkier look, you can display a neon sign just outside your man cave. This would be best when your man cave is in the basement, garage, or some other place where the entrance to it is dim so that it would serve as your welcoming post that shows you the way. Plus, it simply looks awesome to have your own neon sign inside the house.

13. No Spare Room? Build a Man Cave Garage

The garage is probably the next best thing a man has if he doesn’t have his own man cave. This is the only other place, apart from a backyard shed, where a man could be alone to himself without being judged. So, why not turn your garage into your own refuge? Whether you’re a car enthusiast or an avid biker, a garage man cave is perfect if you have limited space in the house.

how to make a man cave

14. Make a Keg Urinal, Cause Why Not?

Check out this cool life hack from the guys at truTV. Find an empty keg at home and transform it into a unique urinal, functional but stylish eh? Out with those bland, white urinals and add some quirkiness and fun with these makeshift keg urinals.

15. Gamer Wall Decor for Every Gamer

Gamers, whether casual or hardcore, can create great ways to decorate the walls of their man cave. Let your creativity loose and style your space with text, logos, wall decor or even favorite characters that you want to see now and again. Don’t be afraid to let that enthusiasm you have for games show through.

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man cave wall decor
Crannel Gaming Wall Tapestry

16. Try Some Unique Bar Accessories

Some other cool man cave ideas that you may include in your bar are unique glassware and stainless steel whiskey stones. There are various styles of glassware in the market from customizable jars to tequila shooters, hi ball glasses, champagne glasses, and rock glasses. For whiskey chillers, you can play tough with some bullet-shaped whiskey stones. Whiskey stones are perfect for any guy who likes a cold drink without diluting it.

whiskey stones
Amerigo Gold Bullet Whiskey Stones

17. Hunter’s Man Cave for Lovers of the Outdoor

Hunting is probably one of the toughest outdoor activity – you go out, take a quick tipple from a cool hip flask, hunt and bring the game home. If hunting is your calling, an animal head along with rifles and other hunting gear will make classic stuff for a hunter’s man cave. Add a poker table, display some animal skins, and you’re good to go!

simple man cave ideas

Man Cave Ideas: Build Your Dream Refuge

Every guy deserves a zone in the house where he has no restrictions. Hope these cool man cave ideas inspire you to build your own cave. Let your man cave be a place where you and your friends can just chill and hang for hours with no interruption.