11 Space-Savvy Man Cave Ideas for a Small Room

LAST UPDATED ON May 17th, 2020

Not everyone has a spacious room to build their man cave, but that shouldn’t hinder you from making one nonetheless. There are various ways to create your man cave even in a small space. From the trendy minimalist designs to ideas of tidying up, we would like to share some of the best man cave ideas for a small room. These ideas will help you turn a seemingly cramped space into a dream refuge that feels like a miniature haven.

Tidy up and remove clutter

One that is totally basic, if you really want to save on a lot of space, you should consider throwing stuff out that you don’t need. You can sell them, donate to charity, or just put them in the attic if they have sentimental value for you. All the same, if it has outlived its use, then it has to go.

man cave ideas for a small room

Go minimalist with your designs

Using big and bold designs or putting furniture that take up too much space may not be practical when you only have a small room. In these cases, it would be best to use multi-functional or multipurpose furniture and design ideas. It’s not just about making things smaller but using the space you have in an efficient manner.

Think vertical

Having little floor space means that you would have to think vertical. Mount your man cave décor on shelves or wall racks which would be perfect especially for a garage man cave so that you can display your beloved memorabilia. Get rid of anything that’s bulky or chunky and replace them with organizers that could be folded, stretched, and stored. Slim down on your furniture and you will find a lot of breathing space to use for other purposes. Check out this great tutorial on how to build a wall-mounted entertainment unit/book shelf.

Turn your closet into a minibar

You don’t need an elaborate bar space to enjoy drinking your favorite liquor. If you want to include a man cave bar but don’t have the necessary space, then simply transform a small closet that you have lying around into your very own minibar. It saves up space because you can find everything that you would need without taking up too much floor space. 

Make full use of the walls

Transform your drywalls into shelves by carving some storage space into it and putting your stuff inside the walls. These are called wall niches, modern design trends that keep your space free from clutter. You would save money and space by not having to invest in buying shelves or displays.

wall niche

Consider floating shelves

If you don’t feel like carving a wall niche, then consider buying floating man cave shelves. You can just attach them to your walls and place your items on them. They are also easily detachable so when you plan to declutter or tidy up and add something else, it would be easy to remove them and redesign your space. Here are some cool floating shelves ideas you can try.

Build your own multipurpose table

In line with the idea of maximizing an item’s function, you can think of getting a customized table that could double as a gaming table and a dining table. You might even think of including partitions in the table to be used as storage space.

Buy a convertible sofa or lounge

Man cave sofa that double as a single bed are also available in the market. Furthermore, there are also designs in which they serve as storage spaces for your books and other small items.

Stylish stacking chairs

If you want to have a lot of friends over but don’t have enough room to put chairs, then try some stackable ones. When you think about stackable chairs, those dreadful Monobloc chairs might come to mind. But there are some modern-looking chairs that would help you save on space out there.

Foldable or stretchable furniture

There are a lot of furniture that can be folded and kept neatly to the side. Find a table and chair set that can be tucked away when not in use – this is definitely a great space-saver. Below is an awesome bar table and chairs on wheels set.

man cave designs for small rooms

Also, look for flexible rack organizers and shelves that makes efficient use of space. If you have more stuff to put in them, then you can just stretch them out and you can find extra space to put your stuff in.

Corners are your friend

Putting your furniture on the corners opens up a lot of space to use for other things in the room. It cuts out the unnecessary spaces that you would usually find in between furniture. Tables and shelves work best in this setting because they perfectly square up against the walls. It may not seem like much but having them fit into those corners frees up a lot of room.

Make Your Space-Savvy Man Cave

It doesn’t take too much effort to streamline your man cave. All you have to think about is to cut out on the clutter, be efficient in your use of space, and always consider the function of your designs. With these man cave ideas for a small room, you can free up some room in your man cave and make a big impact in a small space.

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