Trouble-Free Home Wet Bar Ideas for DIYers

Having a home wet bar makes it easier to prepare and serve drinks to your family and friends while you all kick back, relax, and have a great time. Wet bars differ from dry bars in that they include a sink with running water (Related: Wet Bar vs Dry Bar)

Often, a wet bar also has the usual kitchen necessities like cabinets, a countertop, and appliances. It is basically a hybrid of a bar and your home kitchen. This makes it multi-functional, efficient, and great for entertaining guests. As a result, most wet bars nowadays have become little DIY projects in which people incorporate different designs that suit their personal taste.

Building your own wet bar is fun to do and helps save up on costs. You can make your own personal tweaks and let your creativity run free. To help you on how to build a wet bar, we have listed here several DIY and budget-friendly ideas to get you started.

Portable storage & under-the-counter appliances

The main principle behind a wet bar is simplicity, ease of access, and good use of space. That should be immediately evident with the way things are organized and stored. 

Portable storage has become the trend for wet bar accessories these days. Portable beverage refrigerators and minibars are excellent for making the most use out of the space you have. It will also cost less because it wouldn’t use up too much electricity. Wine chillers, beer kegerators, and beverage centers are ultimate wet bar essentials.

Do away with big cabinets and go with more compact storage that can fit into smaller areas. There are racks, cabinets, and other organizers that can be folded, stretched, and compressed so that they don’t take up too much space. 

Transform old wine barrels into portable storage

There is more than one way to make use of old wine barrels. Try recycling barrels lying around your basement or shed. Re-purpose them into a custom-made liquor cabinet. Check out below tutorial video on how to make your own. Another unique idea is to redesign the barrel into a sink and incorporate it in your wet bar.

Makeshift liquor dispenser

Here’s another wet bar idea that would look really cool. Make your own liquor dispenser that wouldn’t take up too much space by following this video tutorial. All you need are some pipes and a tap then pour your bottle on the dispenser and watch your friends’ amazement as you pour them a drink from your personalized liquor dispenser.

Open shelves for a modern look

The best wet bar designs consist of more modern and minimalist features such as having open shelves. It looks classier when you make your shelves and storage units simple because they draw less attention to the structure and more focus on the overall look. You can even include light fixtures to make these areas more pleasing to the eye.

DIY floating wall shelves are also great wet bar ideas because they put your wine, wine accessories and bartender tools front and center. For collectors of artisanal, customized, or themed glassware like a globe whiskey decanter set or bulletproof rocks glasses or fancy whiskey stones, floating shelves would be the perfect place to showcase them. These wet bar designs are great because they look clean, crisp, and organized which reflect an image of a classy gentleman.

Repurposed furniture and appliances

Another budget-friendly wet bar idea is to re-purpose your old bookcase into a liquor cabinet. Make it look a bit more vintage by aging and staining the wood, repainting it, and applying some varnish for a polished look. You can also transform your old box TV into a minibar or storage space where you can put small bottles and glasses.

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Bar stools made of galvanized pipes

Naturally, when you build your own wet bar, you would want to include some bar stools. In this video, you will see different DIY galvanized pipes stool inspirations.

Reclaimed home wet bar counter

Not only will you cut down on costs, but you will also find more interesting design ideas when you get reclaimed or recycled materials. Wood has been the most popular materials to recycle. You can probably find some from construction depots or scavenge some scraps from recent building projects.

Other materials you can use are stainless steel, concrete slabs, or even glass depending on the design you want to achieve. Steel gives off a good polished and modern look while concrete can make for an industrial feel. On the other hand, glass is more flexible and can add more of a refined appearance to your countertop.

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Making your own bar counter will also be convenient since you will set the measurements that will fit your space, especially if you have small room to fit your home wet bar. You can also build it such that you can fit in your portable fridge under it for easy access to your beer and ice.

Cool DIY lighting

For some cool lighting, we found some good wet bar ideas that involve your used beer and whiskey bottles. If you have some bottles lying around, you can transform them into some nice looking pendant or spotlights. You can also customize your own lamps using a wiring kit.

Wet bar décor & cool accessories

There are various wet bar design ideas that you could get inspiration for your decor. If you have used bottle caps, you can make a wet bar sign filled with the bottle caps (check out this cool USA beer cap map). You can also make some good bar signs with paint and wood, if you have some extra leftover. Or, create some hanging wine racks or a fun bottle cap game.

With these home bar ideas, you are sure to save up on costs and customize your on wet bar. For more bar ideas: 20 Must-Haves to Build the Ultimate Man Cave Bar.

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