Product Review: Best 5 Man Cave Refrigerators & Beer Fridges

LAST UPDATED ON September 26th, 2020

Truth be told, drinking alcohol is one of men’s unavoidable guilty pleasures. Hence, a bar is a staple to any man cave. A man cave bar short of booze is probably the last thing you’d want. So, having a man cave fridge or beer refrigerator where you can stock a few cans or bottles of beer will always come handy – whether you’re enjoying a much needed me-time or, spending an evening or all-nighter with friends.

Your bar won’t be complete without a fridge. Investing even in a mini drink fridge can spell a lot of difference especially if you have your bar set up in your basement or garage man cave, or generally in a different room from your kitchen. Think of the time and energy you’d have to spend walking to your kitchen, when you can simply reach down and pick up a can from a small fridge next to you.

What to Consider When Buying a Man Cave Fridge

While it isn’t everyday you shop for a bar refrigerator, a little planning goes a long way. Fridges come in a range of shapes, sizes, and designs, and are made for different purposes. Pick one that suits the theme of your bar  while taking into account the following factors:

  • Available space – How many cubic feet of space do you have available in your wet bar or dry bar? If it’s a mini fridge, can it fit under your countertop?
  • Number of friends/guests – How many guests do you expect hanging out in your bar? How often do you and your friends stay in your man cave?
  • Type of drinker – On an average week, how much booze do you consume? Are you more of a wine or a beer lover? Do you also love mixing and drinking cocktails?
  • Price vs energy efficiency – What features are most important to you? Are you willing to pay more for a fridge with higher energy rating (higher rating will save you cost on electricity in the long run)?  

Now that you’ve come together with your considerations. Here’s our review of the 5 best man cave refrigerators and beer fridges – this list features a pick for everyone. We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too!

Best for Beverages

man cave fridge

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator
and Cooler

This man cave mini fridge is an overall winner and perfect if you have limited space in your bar. Despite that it’s only 3.2 cubic feet (cu. ft.), hOmeLabs freestanding beverage refrigerator has a large capacity and can easily hold up to 120 soda or beer cans. With its three (3) adjustable and removable chrome shelves, you’ll even be able to fit wine or beer bottles. The exterior of the fridge features a stainless steel frame and comes with a nice glass front door to complete its modern and elegant look. 

This hOmeLabs beer fridge is also designed with easy touch, top-tier temperature control with large digital display and cools down to 34°F. Plus, it is also equipped with automatic defrosting sensor system.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:I’ve had many beverage coolers over the years and holy crap this is the best once I’ve ever owned. Feel like they really paid attention to all the little details- the temperature doesn’t fluctuate and keeps everything cool, the door closes just right, LOVE the blue light and best of all- you get an electronic control at the price of a mechanical control cooler!!!!! Most value for money.

Best All-in-One

man cave refrigerator

Midea WHD-113FB1 Man Cave
Mini Fridge with Freezer

Available in other colors

Midea is one of the international leaders in manufacturing high-quality appliances since 1968. This mini man cave refrigerator is a testament to that. Midea WHD-113FB1 is only 3.1 cu. ft. and can be easily tucked under a counter, or built into a cabinet or furniture for a customized look. For such a compact size, this comes with a top freezer that has more storage than traditional compact units. The roomy bar refrigerator features can and bottle holders, adjustable glass shelves and even a crisper drawer to store food whenever you decide to cook for an all-nighter. With this two-door fridge you can achieve 32° to 50° F for the refrigerator compartment, and as cold as -11.2° to 5° F for the freezer.

Midea WHD-113FB1 has an ENERGY STAR certification and estimatedly will only cost you $32 in utility bills yearly. You’ll definitely get a good bang for your buck with this man cave fridge!

Enthusiastic Amazon review:Such an amazing little fridge for a man cave. I got this as a present for my husband. It does have plenty of storage to store soda and other beverages. It is not loud which is great. It looks fantastic, it’s just as pictured.

Best for Versatility

man cave beer fridge

NewAir AB-1200 Beer Refrigerator

This mini beer fridge is another great option if you’re looking for a large beer storage. NewAir AB-1200 beer refrigerator (3.4 cubic ft) has a very spacious interior and can stock up to 126 cans – so you’ll never be left high and dry in the middle of a party or potluck. Looking for flexibility? This is the way to go! The five (5) removable chrome racks will allow you to store nearly any combination of items. Pack it full of beer cans for a party, or make room for taller sized soda cans and bottles, or a week’s worth of juice boxes. You can choose from 7 custom thermostat settings to keep beer and soda at the perfect temperature for serving (temperature range: 37°F – 64°F).

NewAir AB-1200 is made of metal rack construction for durability and longevity. The black and stainless steel finish complements the beer bottle fridge’s sturdy freestanding frame and glass front door.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:Keeps the bevs nice and cold. Adjustable shelves, adjustable cooling temp……..good options, and it has a relatively good price. Had this for about a month and a half and we are overall happy with it. No issues.

Best for Simplicity

man cave mini fridge

RCA RFR322-B Single Door
Mini Fridge with Freezer

Available in different colors

RCA mini fridge (Model: RFR322-B) is ENERGY STAR certified, thus you can be sure it consumes less energy. This 3.2 cu. ft. single door refrigerator’s smart interior features include: slide out shelving for versatile storage and easy cleaning, and; can and bottle holders built to the door. It also comes with a compact freezer, so there’s room for food, juices, lemon, limes and other garnishes for when you wish to mix cocktail drinks. 

Lightweight and simple, this fridge is made with a flush back design, invisible door handle and a platinum finish. RCA also makes it easy to adapt to your bar layout with its cool reversible door.

Enthusiastic Amazon review:I really love this fridge. The color is PERFECT. This is going into my Miami Dolphins man cave so color was critical. The fridge is great! I was able to change the door to swing from the left rather than the right very easily and am one happy customer.

Best Value

bar refrigerator

hOmeLabs Man Cave Refrigerator with Small Freezer

Another hOmeLabs quality engineered appliance, this is a less expensive alternative for an all-in-one refrigerator. At just 3.3 cu. ft., this compact man cave fridge takes up minimal space and is perfect where a standard refrigerator can be a tad too much. The can and bottle rack on its side door helps keep drinks organized and easy to reach, while the three glass shelves offer enough space for food and even more drinks. This comes with three (3) temperature modes: Max, Med, or Min. You can set it to Med or Max if you want to freeze ice inside the small freezer, and on Med mode to achieve 33° -35°F, enough to chill beer and other drinks.

Who doesn’t like a sleek look? This unit is designed with a polished black exterior that can add a classy touch to your bar. It also features a reversible door with an extra benefit that allows you to write personal notes on the door’s surface. 

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This product is slightly larger than your normal mini fridge. That’s what I like about it. It’s big enough to store a good amount of food in it, which I had problems with other mini fridges. The shelves in this unit are placed perfectly, there is room for everything you need. Color and style is also chic, so no complaints. It’s a very nice mini fridge. Does it’s job and looks good doing it.

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