Product Review: 5 Best Recliners Perfect for Relaxation

The cornerstone of any well-done man cave isn’t the darts board or bar; it’s the recliner chair! After all, this is your space to sit and chill, so you need a comfy chair you won’t want to get out of. To make your search easier, we’ve rounded up our top five recliners.

How to Find the Best Recliner Chair

Owning a nice, plush recliner is every man’s dream, especially if you’re designing the ultimate recreation/game room or a nice spot to sit and chill. But before you rush out the door and buy any chair, there are some things you should consider. 

  • Style – It’s good to figure out what kind of style you want. There was once a time when a La-Z-Boy was the standard, but the recliners’ world has come a long way. You can get something more contemporary or find something more rugged. Just take a minute to look at your space and think about what you’re going for before you start shopping.
  • Size – Not all recliner chairs have the same dimensions or weight capacity. Some are quite large and can even be bulky, while other options may have less cushioning. This is important to keep in mind because not every chair can support every body type. For instance, if you’re a tall man, it might be a little more challenging to find the right chair. Some can only support individuals who are less than 6 ft tall. Some chairs may not be able to support more than a certain amount of weight.
  • Features – Do you want your recliner to be manually operated, or would you prefer to have electronic controls? A chair that allows you to recline with a handle may be less expensive than electronic options, but more technologically savvy chairs can offer more reclining levels. Then there are all the extra features that you can find in man cave recliners. We’re talking about heated seating, massaging features, and how far back you can recline. These kinds of features can come in handy, but also make assembly a little trickier.

Once you have all these things figured out, you’re ready to get a chair! But with all the options online, it’s challenging to narrow down your options and make a decision. That’s why we put together this list of our favorite man cave recliners.

We’ve taken all the work out, finding the perfect chair for your space, and picked out the best options depending on what you’re looking for. We also broke down each chair’s pros and cons to make the final decision an easy one.

Keep reading to learn more about our top picks. 

Best Value for Money

homall recliner chair

Homall Recliner Sofa Chair

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on man cave furniture, don’t give up on your dream of having a recliner. Instead, get the Homeall Recliner Chair. It’s very reasonably priced, and it has all the features of a high-end recliner. 

It’s made of high-quality, faux leather, which is just as soft as the real deal. Even though it’s a manual recliner that can fit into smaller spaces, it can still support guys of all sizes with no problems. This cheap recliner has a straightforward assembly to top it off so you can be sitting comfortably in no time.


  • Amazing value
  • Easy assembly
  • Wide armrests
  • Massage and sleep mode
  • Timer


  • Faux leather
  • On the smaller side

Enthusiastic Amazon review:Extremely comfortable and very easy to assemble. Purchased 6 for my theater room and they look and feel great.”

Best in Comfort

best recliners

Mecor Massage Recliner Chair

If you don’t mind paying a little extra to get the most comfortable chair possible, then you can’t go wrong with the Mecor Massage Recliner Chair. This chair is so plush and cushy you’ll never want to get up. It features high pub headrests, pillowy cushioned arms, and a curved seat that provides excellent lumbar support.

This is another manual reclining chair that features a “car handle” actuator, making it even easier to pull on. The faux leather is soft and durable with excellent stitching, and you would never tell the difference. 


  • Simple assembly and cleaning
  • 8 point massage, a heating system and 5 massage modes
  • 360-degree swivel so chair can be rotated in a full circle
  • 2 cup holders and pockets


  • On the bulky side

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Got this chair for my husbands birthday. Needless to say it’s a family favorite now. I steal it from him every now and then to rock the baby to sleep. I love how much it lays back. It’s very comfortable. We’ve napped in it quite a few times now. We’ve had it since February and have had no issues with it at all.

Best Modern Style

cheap recliners

Slim Manual Recliner Chair

Recliners have gotten a reputation for being big and unattractive, but that’s not the case these days. If you want something with a modern touch, then you’ll love this slim manual recliner. This man cave recliner is sleek and sophisticated without being stuffy – a perfect option for small man caves.

One feature we love about this chair is its push back recline feature. That means no handles or remote controls. All you have to do is lean back and relax, and it’s an affordable option that can help you give your man cave a more upscale look. 


  • Push back reclining
  • Modern design
  • Upholstered in durable soft linen fabric with non-toxic and hypoallergenic foam
  • Comes in a variety of colors to best fit your home decor


  • Not as large as other options
  • No extra features

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “One of the best things i have ever bought from Amazon.”

Best Massaging Recliner

leather recliner

Esright Massage Leather Recliner

Massaging recliners are beyond popular, and the Esright Massage Leather Recliner is our favorite option for man caves. Number one, it’s affordable. Many massaging recliners get pretty pricey.. 

It’s also a great option because it heats up to loosen your muscles. As if a heated massage weren’t enough, this recliner vibrates and has a 360-degree swivel and rocking features. 


  • Head cushion
  • 2 cup holders and pockets
  • 360-degree swivel so chair can be rotated in a full circle
  • Breathable PU leather surface, water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Elegant and plush design perfect for rustic man caves


  • On the heavier side
  • Not as easy to assemble as other options

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Surprised by how great this chair is. I didn’t expect that much but this is a great addition to my man cave and I find myself sitting in it every day. I get compliments on how nice it looks and has been easy to keep clean. Extremely pleased.”

Best Minimalist Recliner

man cave recliners for sale

Best Choice Products Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Sometimes less is more in terms of style and comfort, and the Best Choice Products Recliner is proof of that. This recliner’s minimal design looks deceiving, but this chair packs quite a punch and has a lot of the same features of other recliners like massage, heat, and soft faux leather. 

It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for something a little different. Unlike traditional recliners, this one is more of a typical chair and has an ottoman. Still, it reclines like a dream and will relax you with its many massage settings.


  • Easy assembly
  • Heated massage
  • Side pocket
  • Modern Eames inspired design


  • Not a good option if you want a traditional recliner
  • Limited reclining ability

Enthusiastic Amazon review:I did not expect such comfort when I purchased this chair. It is versatile as far as the heating, the reclining and cushioning. I have placed this chair in the den and watch TV and read and do the Ipad thing and it is very, very comfortable. I brought two of these now and all I can say is I am pleasantly surprised and WOW! Enjoy.”

Which Man Cave Recliner is Our Favorite?

So there you have it, our five favorite caveman options. But you’re probably wondering if we have an absolute favorite, and we do. The best recliner, in our opinion, has to be the Esright Massage Leather Recliner. 

For me, it hits all the marks I was looking for in a comfortable man cave recliner. The price is pretty affordable for a recliner. With all the features this chair gives you, that’s a steal! The Esright Massage Leather Recliner has the right amount of cushioning and a durable, easy-to-assemble frame so it can support guys of all sizes. To top it off, it can give you a deep, heated massage and swivels 360 degrees. 

In other words, when you’re sitting in this man cave recliner, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a throne.

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