5 Steps to Set Up the Perfect Basement Man Cave

Basements tend to have the notion of being dingy, dimly-lit, and stuffy rooms below the house. You can change that notion by upgrading it into your own man cave. It would make an excellent hideout where you and your buddies can spend whole nights watching football, playing video games, or just hanging out without being disturbed. The floor underneath is also usually spacious so applying these great man cave ideas for basement won’t be a problem.

How to Create a Cool Garage Man Cave

The garage is a safe refuge that guys have at home. Turning it into a garage man cave may just be the upgrade you need. Transform it from a dingy, storage space into a place where you can escape into your own world, just a few feet away from your living room.

What Are Whiskey Stones & How to Use Them

No matter how you love to drink your whiskey – neat, on the rocks, or splashed with drops of water – there is nothing wrong with trying something new, outside of your comfort zone. One of the more recent trends in alcoholic drinks, especially the whiskey aficionados, are whiskey stones or whiskey rocks.

20 Must-Haves to Build the Ultimate Man Cave Bar

Men need their alcohol. After a long week of work, it helps us relieve stress. A jug of cold beer or whiskey on the rocks could soothe all your problems. So, having a bar in your man cave would be handy (check out this article on Wet Bar vs Dry Bar). You can even be your own bartender and mix your own drinks. For some great man cave ideas, we have listed 20 must-haves to build the ultimate man cave bar.

17 Cool Man Cave Ideas to Build Your Dream Refuge

Think about your man cave as the ideal den for the modern man. It is a safe, open space where men would have the freedom to express their manliness, as well as indulge in their hobbies and interests. You may already envision how your man cave will look but don’t know where to find what you want. Try these cool man cave ideas to help you build the perfect space.