Rustic Man Cave Ideas for a Ruggedly Handsome Space

LAST UPDATED ON September 26th, 2020

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One of the more popular themes for man caves is the rustic look. That’s because men love being outdoors. We love to go out hunting in the woods, fishing in the lake, or hiking in the mountains. It gives us an exhilarating adrenaline rush and it adds thrill into our lives. The rustic design also gives off a manly look and at the same time, a cozy vibe like being in a cabin in the woods. Here are some rustic man cave ideas that you can use to build your man cave.

Cover the interior with wood, leather and stone

The defining characteristic of rustic man caves is their wooden, leather and stone interiors. You can use stones to set up the pillars of the room, not only making it sturdier but also keeping to the theme. Invest in leather man cave recliners, couches and/or ottoman.

Cover the walls, the ceilings, and the floors with wooden boards. Integrate a ruggedly handsome character into your space through some wooden tables and bookcases.

Other rustic man cave ideas include using tin sheets and big wooden beams for support on the ceiling. If you are tight on budget, then you have nothing to worry about. You can always use scrap or reclaimed wood for the walls and the floor supports. These will also be useful for making man cave furniture and decor.

Include a small home bar or wet bar

If you have enough space in your man cave, then one of the man cave must haves is a dry or wet bar. Here are some rustic man cave bar ideas you could try out. Build the base of the bar with either plywood or stone and use aged or stained wood that has been polished for the countertop. This will make it look classier but still have an overall rustic appeal.

Do the same for the bar stools and chairs. You can even use metal or steel pipes for the legs to make them sturdy while you can use a stronger, higher quality wood for the seats. For the walls at the bar, you can put up vintage bar signs like old and rusty car plates. The storage shelves will look great if you keep it simple. Again, aged wood will be best to use or you can also carve one yourself and stain it to give it the same look.

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Build your own fireplace

Since we’re talking about a rustic theme, why not add your own fireplace? To build one, all you need is to designate a space in the room. Use stones to build the structure of the fireplace and place some wood in the hearth. You can also save the trouble by investing in electric fireplace logs or actually getting an easy to install electric fireplace set.

man cave rustic bar ideas

Rustic man cave decor

With regard to the decor, the staples include hunting rifles and faux stag mounts. Small barrels, bottles, old picture frames, and other tools would also go well as wall decor for man cave. You can have a stack of wood on the side especially if you are able to include a fireplace in the man cave. Rustic-inspired pendant man cave lights will complete the ensemble. Other cool decor can be a collection of bullets, animal horns, and the singing bass hanging on the wall or on shelves.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to give your man cave a rustic design. These man cave design ideas work well with wherever you decide to put your man cave, whether it is a spare room in the house, your attic, the garage, or a basement man cave. Just try out some of these rustic man cave ideas for a cozy ambiance and a great outdoors feel in your man cave.

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