The Best Flasks for Men You Can Buy


Even before the advent of modern hip flasks, people have been carrying their liquor with primitive vessels made from animal bladders and eggshells to ceramic containers until they evolved into the hip flask of today. Combining portability and style, the best flasks come in various designs from the old school stainless steel vessel to more personalized ones with additional features.

best flasks where to buy a flask

Where to Buy a Flask

Several gift shops and online stores carry different selections of great hip flasks, where you can buy a flask based on your personal tastes and interests. Here is an awesome list of the best flasks for men.

1. Stainless Steel Flask

Early hip flasks were made from leather and glass but leather affected the aroma and taste of the liquor, and though glass preserved the alcohol’s qualities, it was too fragile. So hip flasks took on the form of a curved, rounded container that could fit the shape of your hip pocket, and made from stainless steel which doesn’t affect the liquor’s strength and taste while being a sturdy and durable material.

stainless steel flask

2. Engraved Hip Flask

When flasks adopted a sleeker design, it was around the same time that upper class citizens of Great Britain became accustomed to pocket watches. Bearing the same principle of portability and ease of access, these two products became widespread. As such, it had been a common practice for people, especially the affluent, to engrave their names or designs on the flasks. Today, you can buy flasks for men with customized engravings like the logo of your favorite whiskey.

engraved flask

3. Leather Hip Flask

Though leather wasn’t a great material to make flasks, it provides an excellent cover for your stainless steel flask. It adds a layer of protection, makes the flask stylish and easy to hold with a leathery feel, and keeps the flask warm. The leather cover also gives one the option for added designs such as having varying colors, textures, and patterns or logos on the material.

leather hip flasks for men

4. Unique Flasks for Men

Hip flasks can come in standard shapes, sizes, and designs. However, there are also various add-ons and cool ideas that people have incorporated into the alcohol flask.

Jerry can-shaped flask

If you like your cars or your motorbikes and you like to take a sip of whiskey every now and then on one of your drives, then check out this edgy jerry can-shaped flask. This cool flask will be great to have every time you need to loosen up and warm yourself a bit, just like filling yourself up with fuel. Just don’t drink and drive.

jerry can flask

Flask with built-in cigarette case

Sometimes, when you need to take some stress off, you either need a quick smoke or some vodka. With this flask, it would be easier to carry both your liquor and your cigarettes. Just open up the case on the side of the flask and light up a stick while drinking your worries away.

hip flask with cigarette case

Flask with collapsible shot glass

Similar to the idea of the cigarette case flask, but this one incorporates a shot glass that could be collapsed and kept in the side of the flask.

collapsible hip flask

Round hip flask

Hip flasks usually come in a rectangular shape but to change it up a bit, round hip flasks are also available, fitting nicely in the curve of your hand as you drink from it.

round hip flask

5. Hunter Hip Flask

Going on hunting or fishing trips could be tiring and you would need to keep yourself refreshed once in a while so why not buy a flask custom designed for hunters? Engraved with wild animals like bears and deer on the side, these flasks will be great to have while you are outdoors.

hunting hip flask

6. Personalized Flasks

Designing your own flasks is also possible. If you have a friend who is a whiskey lover, you can get their name engraved or printed out and stuck on the flask. You can even give these as gifts to your groomsmen and put a message for them on the flask. Personalized flasks also make a great whiskey gift, an easy and portable container for alcohol while the guys are on-the-go.

personalized flasks for men

7. Hip Flask Gift Set

If you would like to buy a gift for your man or guy friends but are not sure what they would prefer, then you can always go with the standard gift set including shot cups, a funnel, and either a standard hip flask or one with a customized design. This set makes a perfect gift for wine lovers

where to buy a flask gift set

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