Fail-Proof Man Cave Decor Ideas & Tips to Try

LAST UPDATED ON June 20th, 2020

Building a man cave, like any project, requires planning and legwork, some creative juices and a bit of muscle. Looking for the right man cave decor is a painstaking process. There are several ways to get the decor that you need that would fit the theme of your man cave and make it look awesome. You can either buy them from niche shops that sell decors for man cave or make your own. If you choose to create some yourself, then we have gathered a few ideas that would help. 

Here are some man cave decor ideas that you can try:

Make your own DIY decor

There are many tutorials out there that will give you an idea of what you can create with some planks of wood and some tools. This is one of the best ways to make personalized decor. If you have a specific design that you want for a piece of furniture, then you just need to buy the materials and get to work. Or more often than not, you can re-purpose or make something out of the items that you think are already trash.

When you have a small man cave, creating your own decor will allow you to custom fit them to the measurements in your room. DIY decor can add character to your space. They are also cheaper to create, making them perfect for man caves on a budget. Below are a couple of cool DIY man cave decor ideas: old speaker wall decor, beer can lights, tire sink and gas pump faucets, rack made of tires, toilet paper crate, wooden nintendo control coffee table, a converted 1960’s TV into a minibar and pipe shelves.

Scavenge secondhand shops

Decor for man cave can also come from flea markets and bargain shops. Vintage furniture and antiques can make for some great decor. Old posters, records, and other collections can give your man cave some flair rustic vibe. It shows off your personality and gives a room character. If you have certain hobbies or interests, you’ll also find secondhand stores the best place to find related decor items.

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Themed decor

Man cave decor may also complement a certain theme. For example, decors for a hunting man cave would include hunting rifles, wooden floorboards and walls, hunting or fishing gear, faux animal heads or stag mounts, a bear statue, and other decor that go with that theme. The same would be true for a garage man cave decor, which would have decor related to cars and a more industrial looking design.

On the other hand, there are more generic decor that can be used on any type of man cave. Depending on how your man cave is designed, you might have a custom wet bar where you can display some vintage bar signs, neon lights, and beer signs. Spice up you man cave wall and hang sports decor like jerseys, signed baseball bats, caps, and other decor. You can also put up some man cave wall decor like posters and framed memorabilia.

Choose the Best Man Cave Decor that Suit Your Interests

In choosing which type of decor to include in your man cave, there is one big factor that you should consider. That would be your own taste. A man cave is your own personal space, so you can do whatever you want with it. You can put whatever decor you dig, as long as you are happy with the end result.

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