20 Must-Haves to Build the Ultimate Man Cave Bar


Men need their alcohol. After a long week of work, it helps us relieve stress. A jug of cold beer or whiskey on the rocks could soothe all your problems. So, having a bar in your man cave would be handy. You can even be your own bartender and mix your own drinks. For some great man cave ideas, we have listed 20 must-haves to build the ultimate man cave bar.

1. Rustic Wall Shelf

This is a versatile design choice. If you want to style your man cave in a rustic, cabin in the woods type of space, then the rustic wall shelf would fit right in. But it also works well with a modern look, contrasting perfectly with the urban feel.

rustic wall shelf

2. Pool Table

Whether you like to hustle or a big fan of cue sports, a pool table will be a great form of entertainment. Shoot some pool while you have a glass of whiskey and some cigarettes. This is a great way to let loose with your friends and open up some conversations.

pool table

3. Vintage Bar Stools

Score some awesome seating for your bar. Metal bar stools are a classic, but you may also experiment and go for something vintage. Wooden swivel stools make a great statement if you want to channel an old school bar.

vintage bar stools

4. Man Cave Bar Table

Sitting down in front of the bar counter might be alright if you just want to have a drink. But if you want to have a good time talking with your friends, then you would need a simple but stylish bar table. There are various style options in different choices of materials like wood, metal, or steel. You can also get some unique designs depending on your tastes.

man cave bar table

5. Rocks Glass

You can’t call it a bar without some glassware. If you’re a guy or has friends who likes their drinks on the rocks (which everyone of us has), then you need some great rocks glasses. Even better, make it a set for rather large group gatherings.

rocks glass

6. Vintage Pendant Lights

In building your man cave bar, using pendant lights might give it more of a relaxing ambiance. If the rest of your space uses recessed lights or track lights, then it could be a good idea to change things up a bit for different areas of the space. 

vintage pendant light

7. Whiskey Stones

They say there’s no wrong way to drink whiskey! But, if you’re not a fan of ice melting in your drink then grab yourself some whiskey stones or whiskey rocks, however you want to call it. They’re made to cool your booze without diluting it, how cool is that? You can choose from soapstone to stainless steel to bullet-shaped whiskey stones.

whiskey stones

8. Neon Sign

Nothing says pub like a cool neon sign. You can have some standard designs like Open or Route 66. But you can also customize them to display a variety of images, expressions, or logos that would give it a splash of originality, flair, and perhaps, a bit of humor.

neon lights

9. Beer Sign

Spruce up your man cave bar with some old school but awesome wall art. Beer signs always make a recognizable pub-like feel to any space. These vintage-looking printouts are a sure winner if you’d like to make a statement or simply want to be playful.

beer sign

10. Beer Fridge

Keep your beer and other beverages cool with a beer fridge. If you have enough space and resources, go for a big fridge and fill it with all the beer and beverages that could last you for a whole month or even longer. Or buy a mini-fridge and just replenish it weekly or every two weeks. 

beer fridge

11. Wine Rack

If you’re short of space and has no place for a shelf to store your reds and whites, opt for a modular wine rack. A countertop bottle rack is also perfect if you’re one to display your wine collection.

countertop wine rack

12. DIY Bottle Opener Game

Here’s a cool DIY hack that you could try. If you have ever heard of the Plinko game from the Price is Right, then you can make your own game inspired by it. Check out this tutorial and create your own bottle opener game. You can customize the size and the number of panels available on the board. Or you can also try the Tonight Show variant called Drinko, in which the choices are based on various concoctions and alcoholic drinks that would sure liven up your Friday and Saturday nights.

man cave bar ideas

13. Man Cave Sign

Sure your man cave is full of stuff not meant for sissies, but what better way to mark your territory than having a cool man cave sign. This man cave decor is not only made to be hung at your door, you can place it side by side your shelf or add it to a plain wall in your bar.

14. Beer Cap Map

For some other cool décor, you can get this beer cap map. Shaped in the map of the United States, the wooden base has been perforated with holes where you can place used bottle caps to add color and a customized design to your wall. 

usa beer cap map

15. Bulletproof Pint Glass

Why drink from a boring glassware when you can drink from a cool pint glass? You and your friends could definitely use this creative “bulletproof” pint glass – an equally awesome and functional bar accessory and a great conversation piece!

bulletproof pint glass

16. Liquor Dispenser

To avoid spilling your drink while you pour it or accidentally dropping the bottle, why not try a liquor dispenser instead? Available in different designs, you can go for one with a hose or a tap. Some are made of glass while others of plastic or even metal.

liquor dispenser

17. Cocktail Set

Got yourself a bar, might as well stir up your own drinks just the way you like them. Grab a nice bar tool set and put your mixology skills to good use. Sets usually come with the basic tools, from liquor pour spouts to cocktail shakers and more. It’s great to shake things up once in a while, and not limit yourself to plain beer or hard liquor.

cocktail set

18. Wine Decanter

If you enjoy drinking reds and whites on a regular basis, then using a wine decanter is a must for your bar. The increased exposure of wine greatly improves the taste by softening astringent tannins and letting fruit and floral aromas come out. Choose one that also looks stunning on the table.

wine decanters

19. Dartboard

Once you get tired of playing pool, you can play darts instead. Hang the dart board on the wall or at the back of your door, and see who can rack up the most points. You can go with the traditional fiber dartboard or try the new electronic dartboards which include features that allow you to do multiplayer games, keep scores and averages, and switch between variants.


20. Marquee Sign

Marquee signs are traditionally placed over the entrance to a hotel or theater. If you’re one to channel a retro vibe, having a marquee isn’t a total bad man cave bar idea and makes an excellent vintage bar sign.

marquee sign 

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