15 Wine Accessories & Gifts Perfect for Vino Lovers


Wine lovers don’t just need the perfect wine, they also need the best wine accessories to be able to enjoy it. Enjoying the perfect wine is a process and in that process, you would find it difficult to have the best experience without using some great accessories. Here is a list of 15 wine accessories and gifts that make experience with wine always an exquisite one.

wine bottle accessories

Swiss Army Knife

This portable Swiss army knife outclasses any standard corkscrew and should be at the top of your list of must-have wine accessories. It is multi-functional that it has all the tools needed not only to make opening the bottle a cinch.

swiss army knife

Wine Opener

You can also go with a more traditional approach to a bottle opener. This is a pin-type corkscrew so you would not have any trouble turning the cork. Just stick it into the cork and pull it out, it is that simple.

wine opener

Wine Decanter

Wine accessories can be both functional and stylish. Essentially, wine decanters help make your wine look good and taste even better. With the right amount of exposure to oxygen, decanting your wine can bring out more of its flavors and aromas. This horn-shaped one does not only look elegant, but also looks very sexy. Newlywed vino lovers will surely appreciate this as a gift.

wine decanter

Chilling Stones

Whiskey rocks have developed a good reputation, not just for whiskey lovers but for wine connoisseurs as well. They are not only useful to chill one’s beloved whiskey but they are multi-purpose, able to chill your wine without diluting it.

whiskey stones

Metal Art Wine Bottle Holder

For a more artisanal feel, we suggest that you display some of your best wines on one of these bottle holders. Give it a rustic, edgy look with our specially-crafted metal art bottle holder and you are sure to keep your wine safe and stylish at the same time. It also makes for a great gift to your friends or colleagues who are wine lovers themselves.

wine holder

Wine Glasses

Another of the staple wine accessories, wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Why go for a standard shaped glass that looks so bland when you can have one of our special “bulletproof” wine glasses? It is both elegant and badass, a perfect blend for a trendy wine lover.

wine glasses

Screw-on Wine Glass

If you want to drink directly from the bottle without sullying it, the screw-on wine glass enables you to do that. Technically one for the lazy or meticulous, it removes the process of “pouring” yourself a glass. Instead, simply attach the wine glass at the mouth of the bottle and drink straight from it.

screw on wine glass

Bar Tool Set/Cocktail Set

Barware, or bartender supplies, are becoming quite popular nowadays and they can also double as great wine accessories. You don’t have to always stick to the tried and true ways of enjoying your wine. Experiment with various concoctions with this bar tool set and elevate your wine drinking experience.

bartender set

Cork Holder

There are some pretty quirky wine accessories out there. For example, we not only have bottle holders but we have cork holders as well. Keep track of how many bottles you have drunk or recycle the corks you have collected and turn them into pieces of art.

cork holder

Wine Aerator

Any wine lover knows that they should take particular care not to expose wine to too much air, else it would dilute the aroma and flavor. With the help of a wine aerator, you can have the right amount of air at the right amount of time as you pour your wine into a decanter. Grab one of these wine accessories and you will get better flavor and a smoother finish for your wine.

wine aerator

Hip Flask

Many flasks for men are already available in the market and you can use them for a variety of liquors. It is a handy container that could fit inside your hip or coat pocket. It also comes in different designs, one of which is the Jack Daniel’s flask. This hip flask makes perfect wine accessories gift to any guy. 

alcohol flask

Wine Bottle Pourer

If you want to limit how much wine you pour into the glass, then a wine bottle pourer is the perfect accessory to control the flow of wine. It is one of the most useful wine bottle accessories you can ever have so it would be a big advantage to have one of your own.

wine bottle pour spout

Wine Bottle Stopper

Since opening a bottle of wine already risks losing a bit of the flavor, aroma, and texture of the wine, you would have to be careful to preserve it after removing the cork. Placing a bottle stopper will help keep the wine preserved for the future once the bottle has been opened, by acting like a cork.

wine bottle stopper

Funny Wine Accessories

Now, there are also different designs for wine bottle stoppers and this is a particularly creative one. We all know wine helps us loosen up and make us feel relaxed. Inspired by that concept, the designers thought that this would be quite popular with male wine lovers, and it is. 

Wine Cooler

For the last of our wine accessories list, you shouldn’t miss out on your own wine cooler. Wine tastes better at the right temperature, not too warm and not too cold. Place your bottle in it and wait for several minutes before pouring yourself a glass. It will surely be a different kind of experience.

wine cooler

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